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Dental Care

Holiday Arrangements August 2019

Mr Brown will be away from the practice from Friday 9th August and will return on Monday 19th August   If you are registered with Andrew Brown and have a dental problem during this period please see the details below.

The normal on-call arrangements will apply over the  weekends so please telephone the number above to gain access to the details

On the other days we have tried to categorise a number of common problems in an attempt to reassure you on how they should be managed.

HIGH PRIORITY - This mainly covers such things as swelling and toothache which has disturbed your sleep. Problems such as this may benefit from seeing the emergency dentist we have arranged to provide cover whilst the practice is closed. Details of this service are detailed below.

MEDIUM PRIORITY - A crown which has fallen off one of your 6 upper front teeth, a missing filling or broken tooth which is causing pain.

LOW PRIORITY – A crown which has fallen off a back tooth a broken tooth or filling which is not painful.

Patients who are registered with the practice and have a problem in the HIGH PRIORITY  category and feel that they need to see a dentist should telephone  01603 453331 and they will try to offer assistance.

If you require a visit to the surgery a consultation fee of £23 will be payable directly to the practice providing the emergency cover. This will apply to all patients except children.

Medium and Low priority problems should where possible try to wait until the surgery re-opens on Monday 19th August . We will be taking phone calls from approximately 8am and we have reserved an increased number of emergency appointments in an attempt to accommodate patients quickly following Mr Brown’s holiday.

Thank -you